It was a pleasure to work with Ray & Berndtson. We had a couple of very senior positions to be filled, and we achieved a shortlist of good leaders in a short period of time. In addition, the discussions we had to convert the positions along with the options generated made the executive search and onboarding much easier. Ray & Berndtson's personal attention and dedication towards the assignment is greatly appreciated.

Managing partner of a top-tier law firm.

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Industrial Products and Services


  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Durable Products
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Industrial Products
  • Industrial Services
  • Mining & Mineral Resources
  • Non-durable Products
  • Oil & Gas
  • Packaging and Forest Products
  • Plastics and Polymers
  • Supply Chain
  • Transportation and Logistics

Is it any wonder that the latest Industry Week poll of senior executives found CEOs saying the management issue they would lose sleep over is ". . . finding the people their companies need to be successful?"

The right leadership determines success or survival. With fewer internal opportunities for management development and only a handful of companies investing in ongoing executive and training programs of quality, the pool of qualified talent borders on being microscopic. Ray & Berndtson's industrial products and services practice provides clients with options -- access to candidates with the talent and compatibility needed to drive their companies to the next level of creative, positive growth.

Industrial companies of all sizes and in all sectors are completely different from their ancestors of just a decade ago. New structures, resulting from mergers or eliminating layers of management to achieve a flatter, more nimble company, are the norm. Decentralized business units and global business units replace more bureaucratic, organization-centric hierarchies.

Strategies for success seem to be the opposite of those held in esteem for most of the previous century. Progressive companies are pushing profit and loss responsibility deep into the organization. Reminiscent of the drastic action taken by Allied leadership in WWII, industrial companies cultivate strategic alliances with other related businesses -- even with life-long competitors. Multi-functional product development teams, with representation from different concerns, collaborate. Some create value chains and attack the challenge of capturing value from e-Business.

Even the products are different! Organizations capitalize on the cradle to grave economic opportunities their products offer. Support services, financing, leasing, and consumables customers need throughout the life of the product boost revenues. And if these seminal changes weren't enough, companies are revisiting how they measure success.

Ray & Berndtson professionals have been providing Clients with value for money leaders and we measure our success through our the return on leadership obtained by our clients.

Industrial Products and Services – Representative Searches

Finding executive talent for industrial concerns takes an exquisite understanding of the products and services they produce. Companies of all sizes from around the world have turned to Ray & Berndtson as their primary source for leaders in the evolving environment of industrial products and services.

Recent "Industrial Products and Services" assignments include:

Designation Assignments
Chief Executive Officer Europe for a leader in the security systems and services arena
Chief Executive Officer for a Chilean mine
Chief Executive Officer for a European machinery and equipment company
Chief Executive Officer for a large aviation company in Holland
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Chief Executive Officer for a UK £350 million division of FTSE 100 engineering company
Chief Executive Officer for one of the world’s leading companies engaged in lifts, escalators and moving walkways
Chief Executive Officer Japan for a manufacturer of valves, sensors and control systems for gaseous liquids
Chief Operating Officer for one of the largest engineering, construction and maintenance organizations in the world
President & Chief Executive Officer for a North American distributor of vacuum packaging machines
President & Chief Executive Officer for a pulp, paper, packaging and lumber products company President for a major metal goods manufacturer
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
of a major industrial products, chemicals and fertilizers company
Division President of a manufacturer of metal products used in the general industrial and agricultural businesses
Managing Director of engineering plastics company
Managing Director Italy for a leading manufacturer and marketer of a diverse range of batteries
General Manager Benelux for a European producer of rubber components used for automotive, hydraulic and marine applications
General Manager for a Canadian-based packing materials company
General Manager of a Mexican coal company
General Manager UK for an international manufacturer of weighing instruments
General Manager,
Corporate Communications
of an international luxury automobile manufacturer
General Manager, Trading of a leading manufacturer of disposable protective clothing
General Manager;
Legal Counsel;
IT Manager;
HR Manager
for a worldwide group engaged in production of cables, wires and rubber products
General Manager,Mexico for a major manufacturer, distributor and retailer of coatings and related products
Chief Financial Officer for a $1 billion producer of corrugated cardboard packaging
Chief Financial Officer for an international producer and distributor of industrial valves
Chief Financial Officer for an international producer of packaging machines and cartons
Chief Financial Officer for the Brazilian truck division of one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers
Chief Information Officer for a $9 billion company operating in aircraft, automotive, industrial and financial services segments
Chief Information Officer for a globally recognized transportation company involved in gas turbine engine production
European Human Resources Manager for a worldwide manufacturer of components, software, products and services for homes, buildings, industry, space and aviation
Executive Vice President,
Human Resources;
Director IT
for a leading distributor of heavy earth moving equipment
Human Resource Manager,
Americas Zone
for a Belgian-based, global manufacturer of foundry products and services
International Legal Counsel for a $1 billion manufacturer of aircraft used for commercial and military purposes
Plant Manager, Milan for a $19 billion German based manufacturer of equipment and machinery used in the metallurgical, automotive and telecommunications industries
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