It was a pleasure to work with Ray & Berndtson. We had a couple of very senior positions to be filled, and we achieved a shortlist of good leaders in a short period of time. In addition, the discussions we had to convert the positions along with the options generated made the executive search and onboarding much easier. Ray & Berndtson's personal attention and dedication towards the assignment is greatly appreciated.

Managing partner of a top-tier law firm.

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Another brave new world!

From entrepreneur to global company executive, all believe their organization has to be on the web. For their enterprises to succeed, they must be part of the e-business charge--selling products, marketing services, creating value chains and alliances with suppliers and other constituencies, sharing or brokering knowledge, or redesigning internal processes to save time and money. Projections about utilization and the Internet's effects on business are phenomenal. e-business is the salvation for any company -- fledgling, failing, or fantastic.

Unfortunately, after the initial venture into e-business, many are disappointed. Results are average at best. The investment was significant; the return, minimal. E-business is yet another business tool. How it is used and its success depends on executive talent. Companies reaping rewards from e-business invest in leadership who understand its ongoing, evolving potential; inspire and guide a creative, aggressive team; and implement perpetual change in a manner consistent with culture and corporate goals.

Expectedly, those who continually lead innovation, conquer challenges presented by the cyberworld, and possess the business skills and personal attributes to help companies capitalize on e-business are rare. e-Business companies and those incorporating it as a strategic advantage often turn to the professionals in Ray & Berndtson's global e-business practice to recruit the executive talent they need.

Around the world, members of the e-business practice have assisted their clients in building top leadership teams since the phenomenon's inception. They understand the urgency of attracting the right person for the specific opportunity. In the unforgiving, instantaneous brave new world of e-business, the right hire propels the company in front of the pack; the wrong one can seal its fate.

e-business - Representative Searches

A great technology wave is sweeping the world, creating a critical demand for management talent. e-business companies and those incorporating it as a strategy turn to Ray & Berndtson to recruit the executive talent they need.

Recent "E-Business" assignments closed include:

Designation Assignments
Board Member
President & Chief Financial Officer
Chief Executive Officer
New Internet Venture
for a directory, advertising and publishing company
Chief Executive Officer for a developer of graphics technology to facilitate fast loading, rich media graphics to on-line users
Chief Executive Officer for an on-line superstore for insurance products
Chief Executive Officer of an automated healthcare data capture and process analysis software products company
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Chief Executive Officer Board Member for a multinational producer of automotive products
Chief Executive Officer of an emerging growth company positioned to capitalize on the personal digital assistants market
Chief Executive Officer
Vice President
Product Development
for a provider of Internet software and devices for distributed Internet systems
Chief Operating Officer for a provider of Internet based application services to the automotive supplier community
Chief Operating Officer for a publicly traded company engaged in the production of traditional and Internet yellow pages
Chief Operating Officer for an innovative web based business
Chief Operating Officer
Consumer Internet Service
Managing Director
products company with market capitalisation of £3.5 billion
President & Chief Executive Officer of a U.S. on-line retail bank
President of an E-auctioneer and E-liquidator of industrial equipment and excess merchandise through interactive live and on-line auctions
President, e-Supply for a leading health care supply management company in North America, e-Commerce
Board Member
Chief Financial Officer
for a leading global knowledge company with best-selling technology, business and how-to books and computer-based training tools
Chief Financial Officer for a leading online media company targeting the Internet generation
Chief Financial Officer for an Internet service provider
Chief Financial Officer for an on-line media company targeting the Internet generation
Chief Financial Officer of a Canadian on-line shop engine
Chief Technology Officer and
Vice President, Sales
for a service provider of end-to-end financial billing and payment services for commercial enterprises
Chief Editor and Business Development Manager for a health Internet venture
Director, e-Commerce for a large Canadian based courier company
Director of Marketing
for an industrial supply company starting an e-Commerce division
Marketing Director
enterprise for the unit of a major retail bank, involved in on-line auto sales and financing
Multiple executives for an exciting new e-Commerce music site targeted to different music genre groups
Senior Vice President
for a financial services organization developing an e-Commerce strategy and approach to branding
Senior Vice President
Worldwide Sales
for an Internet-based conferencing service product
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